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Medallion Midstream is committed to the protection of the public and the environment through the safe operation and maintenance of its pipeline systems.  All of our subsidiaries adhere to a strict safety management program for maintaining the reliability and integrity of its pipelines and facilities.  Accurate inspection and maintenance is critical to safe and reliable operations.  All facilities are subject to ongoing inspections as per Department of Transportation regulations.  Emphasis is placed on reducing the prospect and consequences of incidents, maintaining public safety and minimizing environmental impact.

For more information regarding Medallion emergency response plans and procedures, contact Toby Burgin, Regulatory and Compliance Manager at 469-262-6060(o) or 214-418-0793(m).


public awareness

More than 2.5 million miles of distribution and transmission pipelines are in operation around the United States.  We depend on these networks to safely and efficiently move energy and raw materials throughout the country.

While pipelines are marked by right-of-way flags along the approximate route, using the One Call Center when excavating near any pipeline is the only way to determine its exact location.

811 is the designated “call before you dig” phone number that directly connects you to your local One Call Center.  Each state has different rules and regulations governing digging.  Below, please find Oklahoma and Texas information, as well as links to submit online digging requests.

24-Hour Emergency Phone Numbers

Red River Gathering and Hardeman Plant: 844-891-5219

Wolfcamp Connector Crude Oil Gathering:  888-314-1527

Pecos River Plant and Gathering:  844-891-5220

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