wolfcamp connector – crude oil gathering system

Medallion’s Wolfcamp Connector crude oil pipeline consists of 370+ miles of 10 and 12-inch gathering and mainline pipe in Mitchell, Howard, Glasscock, Reagan, Midland, and Upton counties, Texas. This Midland Basin pipeline began initial deliveries of crude oil into the BridgeTex Pipeline on October 10, 2014.  Click here for more information.

red river gathering system & hardeman plant

Medallion’s Red River Gathering System and Hardeman Plant are located on the Texas/Oklahoma border in Hardeman County.  The Red River Gathering System consists of approximately 100 miles of 4- to 8-inch gathering pipelines that gather rich gas for delivery to the Hardeman Plant for compression, treating, dehydration and processing.  Click here for more information.

pecos river gathering system & processing plant

Medallion’s Pecos River Gathering System is located in Loving and Reeves counties, Texas.  The system consists of approximately 11 miles of 4 to 10-inch gathering pipleines, compressor unit, refrigeration system (including two NGL storage tanks) and dehydration and separation units.  Interconnects with Enterprise for residue gas and DCP Trucking for NGL’s.  Click here for more information.