Wolfcamp Connector Crude Oil Gathering System

 Wolfcamp map 6-27-16


Effective Tariff Information

FERC Tariffs
 Effective September 1, 2017:
RRC Tariffs
Effective September 1, 2017:

Medallion owns and operates a 456 mile crude oil gathering and transmission system located in Mitchell, Howard, Glasscock, Reagan, Upton and Midland Counties, Texas that is continuing to be expanded.

Wolfcamp Connector – 63 miles of 105,000 bopd

Reagan Extension – 61 miles of 95,000 bopd, bi-directional flow

Midkiff Lateral – 104 miles of 100,000 bopd, bi-directional flow

Santa Rita Lateral – 72 miles of 65,000 bopd

Crane Extension – 31 miles of 100,00 bopd, bi-directional flow

Howard Lateral – 49 miles of 45,000 bopd, bi-directional flow

Midland Lateral – 42 miles of 95,000 bopd, Garden City to Midland Hub; 25,000 bopd from Midland Hub to Garden City

Martin Lateral – 34 miles, 25,000 bopd



The mileage stated above is for pipe that is 6” in diameter and larger.
The pipeline system also includes additional facilities that are smaller than 6” in diameter.